Taipei Schools – How to Prepare Your Assignee

September 15 2020

In Taiwan, from Taipei and especially in cities in the south of the island, parents may experience long waiting lists or may find the distance of the ‘school’ run from their favored location, limiting the schools of their choice.

Likewise, an assignee’s child, who is not proficient in English or is in other ways academically ineligible, may need a very specific choice of school, with the right program and curriculum, to support and this may also limit an assignee’s choices.

We suggest starting the process as soon as possible and before your relocation, to ensure you have both a first choice and a back-up school. Ideally, one that does not have a long waiting list for enrollment, is convenient for your desired location in Taiwan and can satisfy your child’s academic needs.

The article below will help guide you through the decision-making process and give insight into the pros and cons of international education in Taiwan. Do give us a shout if we can assist further.