Departure Services


People First Relocation departure services in Taiwan allow you to continue looking forward. Let us help you close out the bank accounts, cancel the cable, and properly wrap-up your assignment. Whether you’re headed home. or to a new foreign land at the departure stage of your time in Taiwan, it’s time to be focusing on the future. Our team will take care of the details in the background, so you can keep moving forward.


Service Requirement Check List + Consultation

The first step to leaving is determining all of the open contracts and commitments you have left in Taiwan. Our consultation will help consolidate your requirements, so we can formulate your exit plan.

Program Creation + Overview

All of the appointments and documentation will be packaged together in a clean, complete format for your review. We’ll help schedule everything in, so you can focus on your transfer.

Departure Service

When it comes time to wrap everything up, we’ll pick you up and escort you to finalize anything that requires an in-person appearance. Of course, all of the remaining services will be properly closed by our teams for you in advance.


When your assignment is coming to a close our team will help you get everything prepared for your departure. Let us help tie up all of the loose ends and make sure you depart Taiwan smoothly.

  • Needs Analysis
  • Program itinerary creation
  • Consultation and advice
  • Departure service Providing
  • Departure of client

Need Help Closing Out Your Assignment in Taiwan? Let us know how we can help.