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Home finding is one of the most tense and crucial points in getting settledin properly, here in Taiwan. Our team works with hundreds of landlords, housing agencies and local resources to supply a basket of properties that match your needs and budget.
Whether you are a family looking for a full size home, with both great access to the international schools and the office, or a couple just interested in somewhere central but also quiet, we know just the right neighborhoods to help you explore.


Property basket home finding tour

After speaking with our team for your brief needs assessment, PFR provides you with a comprehensive and suitable property basket for consideration.  We filter the excess and unfitting properties available for you, leaving a clean and easy-to-compare basket for you to choose from, that meets your requests and budget. Once you have decided on several of the properties you would like to view, our relocation consultants will take you for a day of viewings so you can get a feel of each unit and their surroundings to make a final choice for your stay.

Contract Review and Signing

Signing a lease is a complex and formal process even when at home. The PRF team has extensive experience in navigating the legalities and details of rental agreements in Taiwan and will make sure you stay legal and above board, as well as making sure you are getting a fair deal with the landlord.

Check-in/out assistance

Getting settled into your new apartment or house is an exciting day. Your PFR consultant will help you get set up with all of the essentials from internet to water and make sure your home is fully functional for your family to live comfortably. Of course, when the time comes to depart from Taiwan, we’re here to tie up all of the loose ends on your behalf as well.

Neighborhood and city orientations

Getting acquainted with Taiwan and your new city is essential to your happiness and success after arrival. PFR offers full orientation services for you to get familiar with your local neighborhood and the city as a whole. Whether it is simply learning the route to the nearest supermarket or the access to the closest hiking trails, we can custom tailor an itinerary for you to get settled into your daily routines easily.

Tenancy management services

We all know that things break and accidents happen. Luckily, our Tenancy Management Services (TMS) program offers full support for when the unexpected occurs. Everything from switching out lightbulbs to scheduling in the gardener, our TMS team is always on call to get you the support you need.


All our services focus on common sense solutions that make a big impact. We’ll take you by the hand when arriving in Taiwan and share our knowledge to make sure you find a comfortable home for you and your family. Below is the broad process of what to expect with PFR’s services:

  • Needs analysis
  • Property basket preparation & suggestions
  • Potential home viewings tour
  • Contract review and signing
  • Move in oversight
  • Neighborhood & city orientation trip
  • Tenancy management throughout assignment
  • Check out oversight
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