Tenancy Management

taiwan tenancy management


Tenancy management services in Taiwan help you keep order in respect to your accommodations. Managing the repairs, cleaning and monthly bills takes time. As a perfect complement to our expense management services, tenancy management gives you peace of mind that your new home will be in order from day one, all the way through to the end of your assignment.


Bill Paying

Management of all bills associated with your housing, electricity, water, gas, cable, internet and everything in between. Monthly bills are managed directly for you by our in-house teams, so you don’t have to worry about what is due, when and to whom.

Maintenance management

Keeping a home in order is no simple task. People First Relocation has a band of experienced cleaners, gardeners, drivers and everything in between, to help you at home for the duration of your assignment.

Repairs and Upgrades

Both homeowners and renters know that accidents happen and things break down, but it doesn’t have to be a painful or drawn out process to get things back to normal. We have a full raft of trained professionals available 24/7 to get what needs fixing in a quick and efficient manner.


Our relocation department is a dedicated and knowledgable support group for you and your family. We’re here to make your house a home:

  • Needs Analysis
  • Home Systems Appraisal
  • Provider Scheduling and Consolidation
  • Reporting and Delivery
  • Tenancy Support Automation
taiwan home cleaning service

Need help with Tenancy Management in Taiwan? We know the right people.