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People First Relocation (PFR) was established to provide both individual expatriates and companies alike with a friendly, convenient and welcoming gateway to Taiwan.

As an employee owned company we believe in the importance of experience and developing long-term relationships. Every staff member here at People First Relocation has a first hand interest in being at the forefront of current government regulations and practices to make sure your relocation goes smoothly.  

Many of us are expats just like you, who have had to successfully navigate through often difficult and confusing administration and documentation to establish themselves in Taiwan. 

Our team has local knowledge and you can rely on our understanding, knowledge and expertise guiding you through the local administration and community to make sure you arrive with a soft landing here on island.

Whether you just have basic questions about life here, or more serious inquiries into specific policies or laws, we welcome you to get in touch. Our door (or email inbox) is always open and we would be glad to hear from you.

– The PFR Team

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