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A great thing about being relocated to an internationally friendly country, such as South Korea, is that there is no lack of access to great education. South Korea’s public school system has been rated very well across many international organizations and all three larger cities of: Seoul, Busan, and Incheon, host reputable international Schools.
All of this being true, the correct choice of school for your children and making sure the admissions process is completed properly takes guidance. With our school search services, your personal relocation manager will take you through each step of the process, allowing you full control over the options to make sure your child is placed where you see best fit.


School basket

From pre-school to after-school private tutors and programs, South Korea has a robust menu available for continuing your child’s education. Our school search and needs analysis will help you answer the hard questions about what your child needs while you are on assignment in South Korea and provide our experienced recommendations about which school would be the best fit.

Campus Tours

Allow us to help you and your child get a feel for the environment and facilities of each school here in South Korea with a campus tour. There is no substitute for an in-person walk-through of each potential option to make sure the school meets all of your requirements.

Admissions Process + Documentation

When you have decided on a school, PFR will take the next steps to complete the required admissions documentation and application process. Traversing the enrollment procedure correctly is essential to secure your child’s place in the school of your choice.


Our School Search services give you a direct line of communication with the top International Schools in South Korea. Allow us to bring you in and help secure your children’s educational needs while on assignment.

  • Needs analysis
  • School basket preparation & suggestions
  • Potential school campus tours
  • Admissions process & documentation
  • New school schedule and contact information
School Search Services

Questions about International Education options in SOUTH KOREA? Reach out, we can help.