Pet Moving


Pet Relocation

Regardless of whether you consider man’s best friend to be a dog, cat, bird, lizard or whatever, the important thing is that they also have a safe trip during your relocation.
Staying current on the animal import and export regulations in South Korea is imperative to making sure your ‘child of a different species’ is kept safe and secure the whole way through. Let us help you take care of the paperwork, so you can rest assured little Snowball has nothing to worry about while on his/her way to your new home.


Pet relocation company management & translation

With so much at stake, there is absolutely no room for error when choosing a provider for your pet’s relocation. We will open our doors and allow you into PFR’s extensive network of South Korean-based pet relocation providers and veterinarians. Including full translation services and customs guidelines for your destination country, (or for South Korea’s import regulations if you’ll be joining us soon in South Korea) our team is here for full support for you and your pet.

Multiple vendor assessment & comparison

Multiple vendor assessment is equally important when considering your pet’s relocation. Confirming proper guidance for import/export procedures and requirements is imperative for the safe transport of your beloved family members, no matter how many legs they have. The PFR team helps double and triple check all vendor supplied information, as well as pricing, to guarantee accuracy in both areas, so you can rest easy knowing the plan in advance.

Quality assurance and oversight

From the moment your pet begins their journey, to the second they are safe and sound in your new home, PFR’s relocation teams are trained to monitor all vendors, to confirm procedures are being followed and their transport is going to plan. With professional supervision, providers both local and abroad (including airlines) have an extra incentive to make your pet’s journey extra comfortable and hassle free.


It’s important to have clear and professional oversight of the whole process while your pet is getting ready for the move to your new home. Below is our general process outline to help you get an idea of how we’ll help you manage things and make sure your furry family members arrive safely.


  • Collect pet information & requirements
  • Provide complete guidance on customs requirements and timelines
  • Compare multiple vendor quotations and services
  • Provide recommendations
  • Assign vendor and arrange all logistics
  • Oversee door-to-door move logistics for quality assurance
Working Dog

If you’re ready to get started, request a quote and a representative from People First will get in touch to assess your needs.

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